When Life Gives You Lemons....

So first things first, YAY WE ARE BACK!

 Some of you may have noticed that Sarah and I have been pretty MIA on the blogging scene as of late.  Sarah has a way cooler reason than me seeing that she's moved her butt to Belgium.  I on the other hand have nothing and no one to blame but myself.  However, after a couple months of feeling sorry for myself and being disappointed/depressed, I've given my head a shake and did the whole "WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU MORON!?"

So, back story time:  In January I was walking along the drive way at work and slipped on a massive patch of black ice.  I fell in such a way that I tore my rotator cuff nearly all the way through.  Now, for an equestrian with an approaching show season this is the kiss of death.  Oh and I'm also a very busy hair stylist and make up artist.  Life is going great at this point. 

After my fall it's safe to say that I was pretty depressed about my situation.  I had worked so hard all winter prepping for show season and getting my mare ready to be sold, and just like that life is like "PSYCH!".  Partner that with me not being very good at sitting still and not being able to ride, jump, work out and/or do anything I'm used to really threw me for a loop.  Being the genius I am, I ignored doctors orders, got on my horse for a jump school and promptly fell off, breaking my fall through an oxer and landing directly on my shoulder.  No beuno.  

This was the breaking point.  Not literally (thank god) but I am very lucky to have an amazing trainer who also is one of my closest friends who sat me down and said that it's time she took over riding my horse for a bit and we go back to basics with me to keep my fitness up.  A dose of harsh truth is exactly what I needed and it really did cause me to shake my head and get myself together instead of wallowing in my own self pity. 

Fast forward 4 months later and I am still in a lot of physiotherapy and have adopted KT Tape into my daily outfits.  I would be lying if I said that I don't still struggle with the limits I have riding wise, but I know that by the time my shoulder is back to being 100% my equitation and my eye for the technical aspect in a jumper course will be even better than it was before.

So moral of the story is: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade or add vodka. 





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