Splurge vs Save : Show Coat Edition

Show season is already upon us and that means new styles and colours of show coats are aplenty! 

Now if you're like me and you rationalize why you need 85 show coats in various colours and styles then keep reading for our current favourites in show coats.

Splurge : Equiline

Price : $600 - $1100 plus USD 

Equiline show coats literally turn my face into the heart eye emoji every time I see one.  The construction and fit is flawless and they come in a variety of styles and colours to suit every ring.

 Every piece of competition apparel that Equiline makes has one or more of the following technologies built in:

  • X-cool Evo.  High-performance fabric that feels great to wear. The extremely breathable and water-repellant X-Cool Evo 4-way stretch fabric ensures perfect ergonomics and freedom of movement. Particularly dedicated to competition apparel.
  • X-Grip (breeches only).  The silicon-treated fabric ensures great stability, absolute freedom of movement and excellent comfort.
  • E-Plus Superior.  E-Plus Superior combines three different essential and complementary characteristics: elasticity, performance and durability. EPS ensures optimum comfort and durability over time.
  • X-Premium.  High-performance fabric that feels great to wear. The breathable, elasticised X-Premium fabric dries easily, giving a pleasing sensation of comfort. Particularly dedicated to competition apparel.
  • 4 Way Stretch.  Elasticized textile offering superior comfort and great freedom of movement.
  • Stretch Fastening System.  Technical fastening at the bottom of the leg, to ensure that the breeches adhere perfectly to the ankle without any need for adjustable velcro.
  • Water Repellent.  A special fabric treatment to provide a good degree of water resistance while maintaining very good breathability.
  • AG Plus.  Silver ions. Antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Heat balance microclimate. Highly breathable. High resistance.
  • A special fabric treatment to provide perfect waterproofing while maintaining an excellent level of breathability, even in the most unfavorable conditions.


Save : Alessandro Albanese MotionLite

Price : $260.00 USD // $325.00 CND

The ultimate hot weather riding piece!  I own this jacket in black and LOVE it. The MotionLite is easily the most breathable competition jacket on the market, yet you cannot see even the brightest of show shirts through it once it is on.

The Motion Lite Jacket won the BETA International 2016 Innovation Award for Rider Clothing because of its innovation, beautiful fit, and its lightweight and breathable qualities. 

  • Outstanding level of breathability
  • Reinforced zip fastening
  • Interchangable buttons and removable logo
  • Lightweight mesh with no lining
  • Stretch comfort
  • Perfect for multiple disciplines
  • Ideal for showing in the hottest climates
  • Machine washable, quick drying, and no ironing needed

Links for both items are listed below.  Happy shopping!

AA MotionLite jacket: 










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