Product Review: Hansbo Sport ICM Series

Hansbo Sport was founded in 1977 and originally specialized in horse blankets.  These blankets were hugely successful over the years and have been used by multiple Olympic teams as well as the Queen of England. 

Hansbo Sport has recently launched in North America introducing a line of saddle pads, boots, polos and halters featuring ceramic and magnetic materials.  The products in this new line are part of the ICM Series which contains innovative therapeutic technology that targets areas of the body on a horse that can be susceptible to soreness and sensitivity during or after work. 

I was fortunate enough to be able to try a number of products in their new line and the ones that stood out the most to me were the tendon and fetlock boots.

When you have multiple horses to ride every day; having pairs of boots that can go from horse to horse easily is invaluable and time saving.  Both the tendon and fetlock boots were cool and dry on the inside after been worn for almost two hours with two separate horses.  Both horses legs were also clear of excess sweat and heat proving that the ventilated shell and ceramic neoprene interior truly do their job.  A quick wipe down with a cloth had them packed away and ready for their next use.

Their sleek black design coupled with the elastic and tab closures maintain a professional look and can easily cross over into the show ring. 

The tendon boots retail for $120.00 and the fetlock boots are $89.99 CND; making them very reasonable and accessible for recreational riders alike.

 To find out more information about Hansbo Sport as well as their other products in the     ICM Series head over to their website.



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