Horse Girls Try: Indoor Cycling

The world of exercise can be seriously daunting; with hundreds of studios and different kinds of workout options to choose from.


It can be especially scary if you are just beginning to work on your fitness and literally have no clue where to begin. I’ve tried SO many group fitness classes over the last year and I’m going to start with the most user friendly group fitness class and ultimately the workout that was my gateway to health & fitness!.

Cycling is the obvious choice for equestrians as it helps build the main muscle groups that are involved in our sport. Undoubtedly the balance aspect is something every equestrian will have mastered, but there is also a heavy emphasis on abdominal and quad strength. If you are used to unloading bales of hay (horse girl strong), you will find the arm exercises to be the right amount of strain without being overwhelming. 


Horse Girls Try: Cycling


Indoor Cycling is a 95% cardio based workout (you will spin to one song with light arm weights) but you really get a sense of community in these workout classes. I personally prefer group workouts, as I find the sense of community (and possibly the desire not to look silly) causes me to push myself further than I would on my own.

Cycling truly was the kick starter to my intro of really enjoying group fitness classes. My personal choice for indoor cycling was Soul Cycle. Soul Cycle may seem “culty” from the outside looking in but I promise it’s an awesome workout to get involved in. 

It’s easy to follow along. The more you go, the more bad ass you will feel conquering the moves.

Instructors are super friendly, and the staff is helpful setting you up if you have no clue what you are doing (we’ve all been there!)

Music is always fire, they also do a lot of music theme classes which are always fun!

You always leave the class feeling completely refreshed and recharged.

The instructors offer some serious thought provoking wisdom during each class.

Thoughtfulness from the studio including: iPhone chargers in the lockers & AESOP shower products 


Soul Cycle Tips:

First time class is $20, after that it jumps to $30

Each month they offer a “community class” aka the class is free!

You can rent shoes at the front desk, first time free!

Ask staff for a gel bike seat cover to save your butt, really makes the class so much better!


Find a studio near you by clicking here


Not located near a Soul Cycle - make sure to check out your local gym. With cycling catching on in popularity a lot of private gyms offer something similar to the “Soul Cycle” experience. If you are on the go and only have access to a stationary bike, I seriously recommend checking out the “Cycle Cast” App. It will basically be like streaming your own private cycling class. Pop your headphones in and you are ready to ride. 


Have workouts that you have found beneficial? Make sure to comment them below - maybe they will be the subject of my next post!

- Alexa @fittinginlala


This information has not been evaluated by a medical professional - all the statements made are that of opinion. As always we recommend exercising caution when beginning any new exercise, if you have any questions related to your health always consult a medical professional. 

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