Featured Columnist: Molly Hay

Are you a fan of fancy horses, good food, and some serious car jam sessions? Then you are going to love the newest edition to the SHL writing staff! 

Molly is an American turned Belgian transplant with a serious eye for nice horses and yummy cuisine. This multi-faceted business woman has produced young jumpers that have gone on to compete up to the 5* level. As if that wasn't impressive enough, she boasts a cooking repertoire that would put most young chefs to shame.

Molly Hay

As someone whose cooking skills extend only so far as boiling water, I could not be more thrilled to have her on board to share her wisdom. Every week she will be helping us with fun tips and tricks to stay healthy and prepared during those inevitably long barn days.  

Before Molly’s inaugural post, we thought it necessary to ask her some of the “hard hitting” questions that would undoubtedly be weighing heavy on everyones minds. But lets be serious, with good food and good horses, what is there not to love?

 Q: Current Obsession?

“Queer Eye -  I laugh and cry every episode!”

 Q: If you had the time, and could pick up any hobby, what would it be?

“I would actually love to have my own food truck”

 Q: Who do you look up to most in this business?

“Kent Farrington”

 Q: Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“‘Learn from everyone, copy no one, and be the best version of yourself.’ Something Kent’s father told him”

Q: Something you wish you could have told yourself 10 years ago?

“Never depend on someone else for your own happiness”

 Q: First thing you thought when your alarm went off this morning?

“Hit snooze, not off”

 Q: When is the last time you cried at a show?

“I would say Tryon 2016 after jumping my first GP on my favorite horse. They were tears of joy of course!”

 Q: Funniest horse show memory?

“When my sister blamed our large pony for “purposely” tripping her in the jog at pony finals”

 Q: Horse related chore that people hate, but you love?

“I don't know if people hate it, but I love wrapping! Polos or bandages. 


Make sure to look out for Molly’s weekly posts up on our blog - and to see more of her european adventures you can follow her on instagram at @mollyhay1

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Looking forward to more recipes and learning about your Belgium experience!

Heidi April 24, 2019

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